Monday, January 6, 2014

Downby Cider

We named our first cider, Downby Cider: A Hard Apple Cider by Avila Brewery. I like it. It is sweet with a kick. I estimated the ABV% at 6%. I do not have a hydrometer to tell for sure. This is on my "I need" list. I can only go by my unscientific; I feel silly like a beer with this amount of alcohol meter. That feeling is about 6% give or take. I can say with certainty that it is not more due to the kind of yeast I used. I would not produce a high alcohol level naturally. I wanted a low ABV% because I wanted it sweet and not dry. Downby Cider is sweet and tasty. We need to come up with a label.
This gave me the confidence to experiment. i went to Bencomo brew supplies in Fresno. I need a #7 bung. My other bung was too small or too big. I hate it when that happens. My wife asked what a bung was for. I told her it was for orifices. I put my bung in holes. She didn't think that was funny. I showed her one and I think she got it. I also need an auto-fill siphon and tubing. I am slowly moving past the simple brewing into more complex brewing. A goal for Avila Brewing this year is to compete in the Tulare County Fair. Last year, a guy from Fresno took home everything. I hope to keep some of those ribbons here local.
I am fermenting a Pomegranate Limeade Cider. It is unnamed so far. When it is done, I will take it to the board of directors and decide what to name it. Also I made a few purchases from

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