Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pomegranate Limeade is bottled

I got to bottle my Pomegranate Limeade hard cider. I used my Spring Tip Bottle Filler. It has to be primed with sanitizer. I drop it into a cup until the good stuff flows and switch to a bottle. It's a little tricky but with practice and with a little help from my daughter. I was able to get 5 and half pints from my 1 gallon carboy.
I primed them all this time. The bubbles makes the mouth feel more appealing is what I've learned.
I immediately cleaned up and started a new batch of cider. This one is a Pear Cinnamon hard cider. It was tasty to start and when it is chock full of alcohol, it will be only better. Mean while, I have to wait until I get another carboy to make some more Downby Cider. Jen and I had some a couple of nights ago and it aged very well. Time is on our side. I've played around with some web sites that make label and I think I have a label that will work for us. When I make it next time and bottle it, I will stick on some stickers. Leave a comment of what you think of the label.

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